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Tumba, Sweden


Today I told the pastor about my plans on getting a tattoo as soon as I turn 18 (just 2 more months *sigh*). At first he was very sceptical about it, and told me I would regret it later on etc.

So after about 20 minutes of discussion he asked me what exactly the tattoo would be, and what it symbolized. Took me about 20 seconds to recreate it on his computer using Word and Paint, and this is the result:

*NOTE* That's not the actual font I'll be using, but it was the closest one I could find in Word.


He liked the fact that the cross was simple, no extras or anything, but then asked my about the text. "Why 'turn the page'? That just sounds strange." Well, it's basically a symbol for starting a new chapter in my life, ie. being more serious about my faith, and while I don't need a tattoo for that, I do need it to remind myself about my decision.

And he loved it. This is really weird for me because earlier everyone had been against tattoos and no one had supported me about it. Now however, people are accepting it and many of the people in my church are thinking of getting tattoos of their own.

Just awesome!
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