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Tattooing and christianity

Hi everyone, i have just joined up upon discovering the forum.

Good thing too.

I myself used to be anti tattoos and when some friends wanted a few tattoos over a decade ago, I began what is my habit, that is to research and try to gain a deeper knowledge of the topic!

Some thing i can be quiet obsessive in!

I in turn changed my thinking towards tattooing, to which, what started as a simple reading of Levitius, turned into many years of study and research!

Hence the tattoos i now wear!


What was i to do with this information?

Some years ago i decided to write a book concerning Tattooing and Christianity, though - many things come in life and they need your attention and so it did with me, so the book sat on the shelf for a while, though i am back into it in a renewed way!

Many of the things i have discovered within the word opens a whole other level of understanding on Judea/Christian culture and God's purpose for mankind, the nature of a spiritually free and uncumbered life that defies the boundaries placed by mere tradition!

* What is perplexing though is creating a accurate chronology of practices and events in ancient times, history is a puzzle! The bible whilst brief, is more specific on tattooing then we first thought and God's prohibition against it in light of the information i have researched should set a lot of people free to think with out a confused conscience.

For who knows the mind of GOd?

well, none of us - thats why we read his word and seek his wisdom.

Stay tuned - for i will let you all know future developments with the book as it draws nearer to completion!

How i publish it is another matter??? emoticon

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