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design elements

hey y'all. i've got this idea for ink for my shoulder that i cannot land on paper, and welcome any thoughts that come to mind.

actually, i don't guess its an idea, so much as it is a feeling. my brothers who ride (current or past), you know the feelin you get when out for a little putt, and the sun is shinin, and the wind smells sweet, and the scooter's not actin up, and no bugs in your grill when ya stop for a cold one? its that kinda feelin: blessed, fully embracing life (Life), soaring on the wind of faith, having found freedom from the law, and rejoicing in Grace.

the overall i'm tryin to convey is freedom, and rejoicing. i've worn that heavy yoke, but don't no mo! free to BE, indeed!

i've doodled the sillouette of a bird in coast-mode against a bright sun (bold skyline), and considered a fire-bird, but keep thinkin abstract may be the better way to go. how do ya reflect bein high in the Spirit?!

appreciate anything ya got! and i'm not limited to front shoulder/chest, or back, for that matter. not really wanting to go into a sleeve, but not opposed, either. emoticon
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