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The seperation of Church Tattoo and the Christian Tattoo association....

Over the years the Christian Tattoo Association has had many purposes but all of which were to spread the gospel and Gods love.

We are also an organization about tattoos and tattooing....for Tattoo Artists as well.

Is it good for us to support and promote any Christian Tattoo Artist no matter how good of a tatto artist he is? Yes it is but we still must uphold a standard of good tattooing that we can feel condifent in recommending to those who ask us or come here looking for guidance.

As tattoo artists and people who care about the art of tattooing and the people who get tattooed, we are here to support and promote good tattooing.

Yet we are first and foremost a ministry here to spread the gospel to ALL and accept ALL as they are, regardless of their level of skill or experience in tattooing.

So how do we be open to everyone but also set and uphold a standard we feel promotes safety, good tattoos, Gods love for all people?

Simple. We seperate the purposes of the ministry.

Church Tattoo is for EVERYONE who does tattoos, is tattoos, wants tattoos or just loves tattooed people and loves Jesus!!

THis way Church Tattoo can promote good tattooing and spread the message of the gospel to all without any judgements on where they are, who they are or what they do.

The Christian Tattoo Association is striclty for tattoo artists. Which will allow us to set a standard among our members and concentrate solely on supporting, educating and empowering Christian Tattoo Artists while still upholding the standards set by the tattoo community at large. This way we can feel confident in our members we recommend and informed about who they are, what they do and how they do it.

We have decided to make these changes not to rock the boat but simply to BETTER serve the purposes of this ministry and actually achieve them. TO authentically stand in and for what we say we do.

We here at Church Tattoo/CTA have:

1)a responsibility to lead people to good tattoo artists, where they will get a great experience and a great tattoo.

2)a deep dedication to spreading the gospel and the love of Christ as it is.

3)a commitement to support all tattooed people without judgment or agenda.

4)a commitement to supporting, empowering and uplifting Christian Tattoo Artists and good tattooing within our membership and the tattoo community.

5)a commitement to helping our members grow as tattoo artists, providing them with the materials, the information, the support and the backing to grow as artists and become stronger warriors in their community and within the national tattoo community!!

6)a responsibility to fight for the civil rights as well as the spiritual rights of tattooed people within our society and within the Body of Christ.

7)educate "non-tattooed" Christians and the general public about just how amazing tattooed people really are and just how much God loves tattooed people! Promoting the prosperity and solarity of the lives of tattooed people within the Christian community.

These are what we feel are our primary goals as Christians, tattoo artists and as ministry leaders.

We have set up this new phase of this minsitry to accomplish all of these goals with authenticity and with accruacy, as God leads us and as our members need us!!

We would love to hear your thoughts about this and if you have anything to add...please do!!

We love you and above all...JESUS LOVES YOU!!


In Grace,


(ministry leader)

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