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You say you want a Revolution? Sept 4th 07

I was at Revolution Church Atlanta last weekend and Got to experience a very beautiful time with some very beautiful people. Real people. Flawed people. Not only my kind of people but more importantly....JESUS' kind of people. It was really great.

Ya know its not easy being tattooed and a christian, as we all know. Yet God has given us the great ability to live free in Him.

I have many struggles in my life...getting this ministry really off of the ground as it should be is by far the hardest thing I have ever taken on. Nobody and I do mean nobody wants to see it really work and really help the people it is designed to encourage and help. Im not whinning but I am just sharing this so that I can share something with you...

This is your ministry and I want each of you to take it on and interact with it...use it, share in it. I am fighting my all to put together a website and a functional ministry that will truly help serve you but in the end....this ministry is YOURS.

Being at Revolution has helped me realize a sense of community that I long for on here and if I have failed to connect with the people here.... I want to DEEPLY APOLOGIZE!! Can you forgive me for being a stupid guy???

I am going to do my all on here from now on out...not to just share what I feel scripture says but to share my life and my heart, my fears, my thoughts, my feelings and see if God will use my transparency to lead others to do and be the same.

I NEED ALL OF YOU. You are in many extended family and I have been working so hard to get things put together "the right way" so that this ministry will work and stand the test of difficulty and time.

This is your Revolution, as John Lennon screamed...."you say you want a revolution" youve got one!! USE IT and lets share! Lets change the tattooed heart at a time.

I love you guys and again, i am sorry if I have failed to truly share myself or connect with you. Im going to change that as of right now.

Thank God for Jesus. That He loves me flaws and all is the greatest thing of all.

Have a beautiful day everybody and go get tattooed!!

IN Grace,


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Re: You say you want a Revolution?

I have been to Rev Atlanta before; Stu and the gang are great aren't they?!

I need to get out there again and see the new place; the last time we went was when they still had service at The Masquerade.

God Bless emoticon


"Sure the body is a temple; I've just redecorated"
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